About Free Wedding Day

These special days are specifically designed to bless and join couples together in marriage before God.

Here’s what we provide:

Pre-marriage counseling
Minister services
Music & Sound Engineer
Floral Package – including bouquets & boutonnieres for: Bride, Groom, Bridesmaid (1), Groomsmen (1), Flower Girl & Ring Bearer

**additional flowers are available for purchase
15 photo package
**additional photos are available for purchase

What we ask of you:

This service is available to anyone regardless of church attendance.
However we ask you to consider if you can agree to the following before you sign up for a free wedding day:

· Attendance and participation at 4 pre-marriage counseling sessions at Cedar Park Church
· Must have a valid Washington State marriage license

Why Free Wedding Day?

According to the US Census bureau, 10.7% of the unmarried population report living together with unmarried partners. – U.S. Census Bureau. American Community Survey: 2005-2007. The single biggest factor keeping couple from getting married is the mounting cost of the wedding day/ceremony. On average, couples that live in or travel to Seattle, WA spend between $19,133 and $31,888 total. These totals are based on the average number of guests estimated between 135 and 149. A single guest could add between $162 and $198 to the overall cost of your wedding.

Many may also feel the guilt associated with living with someone they are not married to. “Living in sin” and other similar phrases are all too common a phrase those in this living arrangement may have heard. But we also know that given the chance, doing the right thing is what people want to do. Removing the obstacle of the cost of a wedding day is what this day is all about. Your wedding is an important day, and your special day will be specifically designed to bless you and join you together in marriage before God.